Froebel Networks Gathering 27th April 2019. ‘Link always link’.

On 27th April 2019, around 50 Froebelians met in Richmond for the third Froebel Networks Gathering. This is the annual event for all Froebelians to get together and catch up!

The theme for the day was ‘link, always link: the importance of connectivity’ and Professor Tina Bruce reminded us of the importance of connection, to each other, the past, present and future.

Dr Yukio Nishida, Lecturer in Early Childhood Education at the University of New England, presented on the Froebelian Occupation of Paper Folding. Felicity Thomas revealed her ‘Bag of Occupations’. Reports were given from the various Networks in the UK, including the Edinburgh Network, the Travelling Tutors Network and the National and International Networks. We also heard from The Froebel Trust including what support and grants are available to practitioners. Dr Lynne McNair updated us on the new MA in Edinburgh and Dr Fengling Tang and Dr Sally Howe spoke about the Froebel Course at Roehampton.

There was a display of artefacts from the Froebel Archive, student posters from the Edinburgh University Froebel Course, as well as other displays of Froebelian activities and the Froebel Gifts were on sale.

3rd Annual Froebel Networks Gathering Day, 27th April 2019

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