Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the publication of Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice. A Reflective Guide for Early Years Practitioners, Edited by Tina Bruce, Lynn McNair and Jane Whinnett. The book is based on a series of practitioner enquiries carried out by practitioners of the Edinburgh Froebel Network Masterclass and highlights the essential nature of storytelling and how best to cultivate this in the early years classroom.

The authors use a compelling Froebelian approach to explore the role of storytelling not just in the development of literacy but also in the development of communication and language and for maintaining good health and wellbeing.

The work was supported by a grant from the Froebel Trust and is published by Routledge. It can be purchased here.

One thought on “Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice”

  1. Loving the book and really enjoying the book study club too. Recurved my copy on Tuesday evening and couldn’t put it down. Captivating and enthralling reading.

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